Oculus Rift and VR-ready PC to Cost Around $1500

Oculus Rift Along With VR-Ready PC Will Cost You $1500

It seems that you’ll be needing a pretty decent rig to run Oculus Rift VR headset.

It was revealed a few weeks back that Oculus Rift will finally see the light of day in early 2016, and now Oculus’ CEO has stated that you’ll need to have a decent PC if you are to run their VR headset. However, if you don’t have one by the time of release, then an Oculus VR headset along with the VR ready PC can be purchased at a price of $1500.

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe made this statement at the Re/code conference where he said:

“We are looking at an all-in price, if you have to go out and actually need to buy a new computer and you’re going to buy the Rift… at most you should be in that $1,500 range.”

The price mentioned is for PC plus the Oculus Rift, so it is quite difficult to tell what the actual price of VR headset is going to be. Hopefully, it won’t be too expensive that most of the people decide to ignore it.

There have been VR headsets in the past but they were unable to mark their footings. Oculus, however, is hoping to change that. Will they be able to do it or not? I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out.


Image Courtesy: independent.co.uk

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