Oculus Rift to arrive in early 2016

Oculus Rift to Launch In Early 2016

Pre-orders will start by the end of this year.

We have been waiting for a next-gen virtual reality device to arrive for quite some time now with no luck. However, it seems that the wait will be over soon as Facebook has revealed that its upcoming VR headset aka Oculus Rift will make its way to the markets in the first quarter of 2016.

This announcement was made on Oculus’ official blog where it was also mentioned that the pre-orders for the upcoming VR device will start later this year. No details have been provided on the specifications of the device just yet, but the developers have assured that they will be talking about Rift a lot in the months leading up to its release next year.

A lot of expectations are riding on Oculus Rift and we just hope that it lives up to them. We have been waiting for a VR device that will not just let us play games, but actually land us right in the middle of the action. There have been games on VR devices before, but they haven’t managed to create an impact that we had hoped.

Not a lot is known about Rift at the moment, but you can expect to hear more about it in the upcoming months.


Image Courtesy: engadget.com