Oculus Touch Review

When Oculus Rift first launched, it came with an Xbox 360 controller, which felt quite unusual. While using VR, people want to use motion controllers, and when Oculus failed to deliver that, people backed out. Just a week after Oculus Rift’s launch, everyone forgot that it even existed. Soon, Facebook realized that lack of motion controller was a huge problem and something needed to be done about it, therefore they announced Oculus Touch motion controllers. However, due to being put in plan at a later date, these controllers needed time to be created and tested. The wait finally came to an end this week as Oculus Touch motion controller finally launched. With the addition of a motion controller, Oculus Rift now feels complete and awesome. So how does it work? How does its touch feel? How does it make you feel? Well, we have tried to answer all of these questions in our detailed review.

Oculus Rift Finally Feels Like VR

Xbox 360 controller was decent, but there was nothing special about it. In VR, you desire to do a whole lot of stuff and that just wasn’t possible without a motion controller. Now that Oculus Touch has been released, Rift finally feels like an actual VR machine. You can use gestures as much as you want, pick things up rather easily, movement is pretty smooth, and the best part of all is that it doesn’t require any kind of setup whatsoever. You just plug in the wire and it begins to work. However, you do have to stay in certain area for it to work properly, but that’s the case with all the VR gadgets.

It Gels Perfectly with VR Headset

Motion controllers are made specifically for VR so it comes as no surprise that Oculus Touch gels with Rift instantaneously. Playing VR games through Oculus Touch gives lifelike feeling and that’s the way it should have been from the start. Also, the handling is nearly perfect. Out of all VR controllers out in the market, this has to be the most comfortable and user-friendly. It adapts to the way you hold it and reflects it in the game as well. It’s a piece of art that should be tried by anyone who owns Oculus Rift.

Better Than HTC Vive?

Vive clearly outdid Rift with its motion controller when they both entered the market for the first time. With Oculus Touch, we expected that things would get even, but that hasn’t happened, as it has clearly surpassed Vive’s controller. Facebook has put a lot of effort in making this controller, and it clearly shows. The controller is perfect in every sense and provides good, smooth experience. With Touch’s release, Oculus not only has a chance to gain new members, but can also sway people away from HTC Vive.


If you tried Oculus Rift when it first launched but couldn’t get the feel of it, then we suggest you to give it a shot once again through Oculus Touch controller. Your whole experience will change, and you will feel like you are actually transformed into a gaming world. This is exactly what we were hoping with VR, but regular controller just wasn’t capable of delivering on that premise. With Touch, however, our opinion has drastically changed. We would highly recommend everyone to at least give it a try.

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