OMGPOP – The Best Place For Multiplayer Gaming

Last month while I was searching around on net for some cool sites , I came upon an awesome multiplayer gaming site known as OMGPOP. OMGPOP is a online Multiplayer gaming website which is entirely build on flash. It is the best place to hang out, play free online multiplayer games, and make friends. The Omgpop team is based in SoHo, in New York City, and this website is listed on TIME Magazine’s one of the 50 Best Websites of 2009.

Apart from all the multiplayer games , omgpop also have a systematic leveling system. So you will increase your level in accordance with the number of times you play the game and the achievements you get by wining the game. There are two tiers of leveling system, the first one is leveling based on the statistics of all the games you played in OMGPOP and the second one is leveling based on the statistics in each game. You get more experience for coming up in top 3 in each game (Gold, Silver, and Bronze), but still earn exp for just playing. You also can even earn experience by just partaking in the events that are done through the chat rooms. Along with the leveling system you earn coins that can be spent in the item shops on items to upgrade your profile (photo frames for your profile pic and bouncing balls to play with on your page) and items for the HoverKart game (new enginers, cars, and more).

The below shown 7 games are the once that i had played in OMGPOP . From this Balloono , Draw My Thing and Pool are my all time favourites. These three games alone are enough to keep you busy for hours, but the list doesn’t stop there. Here is what else they have for you to try. Apart from those three Letterblox is good to test our Dictionary knowledge whereas Hover kart racing is quite a fun when you are playing with your friends.

BALLOONO (Bomberman)

POOL (Billiards)






GAMES : Jigsawce ,Gemmers, Dinglopop , hovercart racing , fleet fighter , sky pig , typow , pool , balloono , Draw My Thing , Missile Command , Booya , fourplay , Letterblox , Checkers , Balloono Classic , Hover Kart Battle , Hitmachine , Putt Putt Penguin , Blockles , Ball Racer and Pets .

STAR GAMES OR BETA GAMES: Solitaire , Nine Ball Pool , Hamster Battle and Tracism .

You can play all these games for free except the star games. Then if you start becoming addicted to OMGPOP you can have a look into purchasing a Star account which gives you more options for setting up games and now you get 35,000 coins per month basis to spend upgrading your profile or buying game items. If you are buying a star account on yearly basis then you will have to pay $3.50/month whereas if you like to buy star account on monthly basis then it will cost  $5/month. With the Star account you can start private games and invite just those that you want to play with. Along with that you are given access to any games that are released in Beta and many more options to come.


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