Online Movie Streaming: Why is it SO Popular?

The movie industry is one of the most successful entertainment niches with millions of films watched every day. Whether they are the old classics, the latest releases, romance driven tales or bloodthirsty slasher films, there is something for everyone. Since the introduction of modern technology the film industry has changed dramatically and the way people access and view films has been impacted. The soar in popularity of devices such as laptops and tablets has changed the way people watch films and audiences are now far more likely to download films from the Internet onto their chosen device and watch from the comfort of their own homes.

The introduction of online movie streaming services allows the viewer to access a catalogue of films of different genres from different eras. The only flaw is the fact new releases are still only available on DVD, produced by disc makers in quick succession after the film is no longer shown in cinemas. It takes some time for the latest movies to be added to the back catalogue of hosts such as Netflix and Lovefilm that dominate the film streaming market.

Welcoming the Digital Age

Modern technology has transformed the way we undertake the simplest of tasks and has altered the way we fulfil our entertainment needs. It is suggested that by 2015, 2.9 billion people across the globe will be using smartphones and tablets, with tablets being one of the most commonly used ways to stream movies. A tablet equates for a large portion of the hours spent watching films, with 6.7 hours being spent using a tablet to do so.

In the US, 37 million films are downloaded regularly as people turn to movies as one of their favored sources of entertainment.

Popularity Factors

Streaming films to devices is continuing to grow in popularity as more people are becoming accustomed with technology and are seeing the benefits of incorporating modern devices into everyday life. There are a number of factors that are behind the surge in acceptance of online movie watching…

  • The cinema can be an expensive outing with ticket prices rising to combat the issues of illegal downloads and piracy which negatively affects the film industry
  • Wi-Fi technology is now found in most homes as the internet continues its domination which allows films to be watched online as clearly as they appear on DVD
  • Movie streaming hosts will offer suggestions of the type of film an individual may enjoy and this is how 70-80% of films are watched, through recommendation
  • There are constant new additions to the catalogues which increases the options available for viewing
  • The ability to stream an unlimited amount of movies a month for a low cost is one of the biggest draws to watching films online

Keeping it Legal

Since movies became available online, there have been a number of sites created which allows people to watch movies… for free. Regulated movie streaming sites require a small fee on a monthly basis, which ensures the film industry still generates income through another means. Piracy and illegal downloads impact the film industry and causes things like DVD prices and the cost of cinema tickets to soar to recoup some of the losses.

  • Illegal downloads are the modern version of film piracy
  • People that either do not want to pay for films or cannot access the new releases online are more likely to participate in illegal downloads
  • Google has attempted to demote the search terms of illegal sites to reduce the amount of access

Online movie streaming is taking over the cinema and the DVD in popularity and although it is the perfect way to watch a huge catalogue of films it needs to be legal to ensure support for the film industry. With the continuation of new devices and technology, the way we access our entertainment sources will continue to grow and expand and the availability of films will continue to grow.