Windows 10 Release Date and Price Leaked

Online Retailer Leaks Details of Windows 10 Release Date and Price

The news was revealed on NewEgg, an online retailer. According to the site listings, July 2015 is the date for RTM (release to manufacture) and August 31 is the official date of release.

Even though the only thing Microsoft has revealed about Windows 10’s release date so far is that it would be arriving some time during this summer, NewEgg has leaked details of the operating software’s release date, as well as the prices of its two versions, i.e. Home edition and Professional edition.

According to the online listings on retailer website, the latest iteration of Windows will hit the market on August 31.

The Home edition will be sold at a flat rate of $109, whereas Professional edition will be available at $149.

Microsoft has already confirmed that users of genuine Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free, but it is still unclear if the company will charge users currently on older versions of the operating software or not.

Windows 10 is bringing a lot of interesting and unique features, including a fresh design, a brand-new browser, third-party app support, Dolby Audio support, and much more.

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