Over 6 Billion Clips Are Viewed on Snapchat Daily

Over 6 Billion Clips Are Viewed on Snapchat Every Day

The app seems to have gained its footings after introducing a couple of new exciting features.

Since adding the new Discover feature, Snapchat has become a whole lot popular. A recent report shows that more than 6 billion clips are viewed each day on the platform. This number is three times bigger than what Snapchat reported six months ago.

Apart from the Discover feature, live stories have been increasing as well, which means there’s always something new to watch for the users every time they log in. Then there are friends and family members who share small clips with each other on regular basis.

6 billion clips in a day is quite a feat to accomplish for Snapchat, especially taking into consideration that it’s available on smartphones only. Most recently, Facebook revealed that users are viewing over 8 billion videos every day, and it has way larger user base than Snapchat.

Obviously, it’s not at the level of YouTube, but still it’s doing pretty well. A large number of users have started to use it frequently, especially after the introduction of new features. The popularity of Snapchat doesn’t seem to be in any danger and you can expect the 6 billion views to grow by quite some margin when the developers reveal their next financial report.


Image Courtesy: imore.com

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