Parental Controls for Facebook: SecureTeen Review

When you read the name SecureTeen, it gives you some idea of what this app can accomplish. And whatever your idea of securing your teenager is, this app does almost all of it. Kids nowadays spend most of their time on Facebook and SecureTeen enables you to monitor almost all of their activities. With the help of this app, you will be able to see who they’re friends with on Facebook, who they’re talking to, what kind of pictures they like, what links they are visiting, and a whole lot more. SecureTeen is the best way for a parent to know what’s happening in their children’s lives especially if they’re the silent types who don’t like sharing their problems. Let’s find out more about it in our detailed SecureTeen Facebook Parental Control review.

Friends Alert

On Facebook, you can receive friend request from anyone and kids being kids accept these requests and start conversing with them. This is where SecureTeen’s friend’s alert feature shines as it allows you as a parent to know who your kid just added. All the information about the newly added individual will be available for you to see, which is quite helpful. Furthermore, there is a feature within friend’s alert that provides you with an age difference between your kid and the person they just added. This feature is outstanding, especially if you are among those parent who are worried that their kids might end up with the wrong people. The best part about this feature is that it works pretty well and provides information to you instantly.

News Feed Scan

On Facebook, everything happens on the News Feed and SecureTeen allows you to monitor even that. You can see exactly what your kids are looking at, which will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of people are added in their friend’s list. Furthermore, you will know what pages your kids have liked, what groups they have joined, what kind of content they are viewing, etc. This is another helpful feature which also works quite smoothly. Parents would certainly be able to know more about their children’s likes and dislikes with the help of it.

Chats Scan

Only looking at News Feed would give you an idea of what your kids are into, but you will not be able to know if they are being manipulated by someone unless you have access to their chats. SecureTeen delivers here as well. It has a feature that enables you to go through chats and if you find an individual that seem fishy, you can get details on them using the friend’s alert feature and then report them to higher authorities.

Photos Monitoring

What pictures your kids upload, share or are tagged in will be fully visible to you and these images can point you in the right direction. Children usually share pictures that are related to what’s happening in their lives, so just by looking at them, you will be able to know their frame of mind. The level of thought put behind this feature is amazing as it can really prove to be a huge help for the parents.


On smartphones, SecureTeen is available on Android and iOS platforms. However, the PC users who are looking to get this app will have to be on Windows operating system.


SecureTeen’s Facebook monitoring solution contains almost all the features parents can ask for in a Facebook parental control, but there of course are some downsides as well, especially on the performance side. If you can ignore these minor issues, then you are in for a treat because this solution is easily one of the best around.

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