Apple Watch launch delayed in Switzerland due to Patent Complication

Patent Issue Delays Swiss Inauguration of Apple Watch

The launch of its much-awaited product isn’t going as planned in Switzerland.

Apple is facing trouble while launching the highly-anticipated Apple Watch in Switzerland due to a patent issue, sources claim.

The complication has stemmed from a patent owned by a well-known watch brand Leonard. Purchased in 1985, the patent bars the use of word Apple or even its image inside the country.

Although the patent expires on December 5 this year, Apple is not expected to sit idle until then.

The company has not yet talked about this legal issue, and Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property is not currently available for any comments.

Switzerland is known as a city of luxury watches and Apple will be a leading competitor for the existing watch brands in the country with its smart watches costing up to $17,000.

The good news is that Apple Watch will be available for display and fitting from April, 10th, but it will be launched on April 24 in several countries. This watch will be available only on reservation, Apple spokesperson confirmed.

Apple Watch is a hot topic in the news, as it is the first time Apple incorporation is launching a new product category after iPad, and it is the first category after Tim Cook became CEO of the company.

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