Russia believed to be behind cyberattack on Pentagon

Pentagon Hacked by Russia

The relationship between USA and Russia took a turn for the worse following the latest cyberattack.

The tension between Russia and USA is nothing new. However, as of last night, this tension has escalated to a whole new level as NBC reports that Russians were able to hack into the email accounts of Pentagon.

NBC claims that they received this information straight from the US officials, who said that Russians launched a “sophisticated cyberattack” against Pentagon’s Joint Staff unclassified email system.

According to the sources, the attack took place on July 22 and affected more than 4000 civilian and military personnel who have been working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Sources continue to reveal that the cyberattack was done through an automated system which gathered a substantial amount of data in less than a minute, and then distributed it among thousands of different accounts on the web.

Right after Pentagon came to know that their Joint Staff unclassified email system has been hacked, they immediately shut it down. NBC reports that during all this fiasco, no classified data got leaked in any way.

US officials are pretty sure that the attack was conducted by Russians but they are still unclear whether this move was sanctioned by Russian government or if it was done by independent hackers.


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