Pokemon GO

People are Selling their Pokemon Go Accounts on eBay

Pokemon Go is now being played all over the globe and people are trying their very best to level up but it’s not an easy thing to do because they have to travel a ton to find all types of Pokemon. Fortunately, now there’s a solution for all that but it’s going to cost you.

People who have really invested their lives into the game and have managed to rank up to higher levels are now selling their accounts on eBay.

Users who are lazy or find the game to be too time consuming won’t have to waste their time anymore as they can just purchase the account and use it on their smartphones.

That does kill the whole purpose of the game, but it provides users with the bragging rights, which is something that most of them want. So if you are amongst the users who are playing the game just so you can show off, then you can consider visiting eBay and getting your hands on some of these accounts.

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