How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Everyone wants to have a fantastic image for their profile pictures online. It’s the chance to show the world, your friends or even your business contacts how you look when you’re at the best.  With a great photo you can open doors, start conversations and build the right reputation, which is why it’s so important to carefully consider which image you use for all of your online presences, from Facebook, to LinkedIn and even your email. If you’re current photos are somewhat lacking use these tips below to create an image that shows off the real you. Stop being afraid of that camera and make it work for you!

Take Time over Your Appearance
Even if you don’t wear a lot of make-up it’s a good idea to put some on before you take a selfie or promotional shot. You’ll feel so much better about yourself if you’re looking at your best. You don’t need to pile on the eye shadow or slap on red lipstick, but using some foundation and highlighting your skin will benefit the picture.

Work on the Lighting
First of all you’re not going to take a breath taking shot if you don’t consider the lighting. The honest truth is that no one looks good in direct sunlight. Sunlight can be extremely unflattering, can cause you to squint up your eyes and it will show off all your flaws for everyone to see. When taking photos outside in harsh daylight always look for a patchy shade to stand in or choose an indoor location instead. Natural light is the best light, always try and find a space that will take a clear photo without false light and never take a shot under florescent lighting. Remember you can’t take a decent shot in low light either, people want to see your face, so always take the shot while the suns still up.

What Ever You Do Don’t Use the Flash
You’ll look so much better if you avoid relying on the flash to light up your face. Only use the flash if you’re a competent photographer, otherwise leave it be. Flashes wash out the skin and they can make even the healthiest person look ill. Wait for the sun to rise or mess around with the ISO on your camera to brighten up the images.

Find the Perfect Backdrop
Always check that the background is suitable for the shot, do you really want to show the world your clothes pile or waste paper basket? Pick a location with an interesting background, something that will benefit you and the image as a whole. Consider colourful walls, standing in front of a large piece of art or heading outdoors into the countryside.  The background needs to be carefully considered even if you’re going to shoot with a shallow depth of field so take your time and find the right spot.

Ask a Professional to Help
If you aren’t happy with your efforts you can always invest in a great image taken by a professional. It’s always better to have someone else take your image, so you can concentrate on looking your best rather than constructing the image. Contact the professionals here at Perfect Picturing for advice and assistance.

The author works in PR, helping individuals, groups and businesses work on their public image. If you’re interested in making the right impression it’s important to pay attention to all the images and news you put about yourself online and in printed materials.  Read more of her advice and tips online.




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