How to Get Your Pictures Featured on Snapchat’s Live Stories

We all know Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in the world of social media right now. It allows users to communicate with their friends and rest of the world by sharing their snaps which disappear from their stories within 24 hours. Following the footsteps of Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp (both owned by Facebook) also introduced their own versions of stories.

If you’re an ardent Snapchat user, you must know that it creates Live Stories and covers all the big events taking place around the world. It picks snaps taken by various users and then feature them on their Live Stories, allowing users to view them. Whenever you travel to a big city or an event, you must have come across those live stories being featured on Snapchat.

While Snapchat is busy picking up snaps from users around the world, it’s time you paid some attention in getting your snap featured on the Live Stories. So, how would you make sure your snap gets featured on the Live Stories? Let’s find out through the following guide:

Step 1: Turn on Phone’s Location

The first steps towards making a contribution to the Live Stories would be turning on your phone’s Location Services, in case you haven’t already. To do this, go to Settings of your device, scroll down to the list of all the apps you’ve installed until you find out Snapchat. Open Snapchat app icon and then Location. In case the setting has been currently set as ‘Never’, toggle it to ‘While Using the App.’

Step 2: Turn on Filters

After you turn on your phone’s location services, you will get access to all the location-based filters on Snapchat. However, if the filters are turned off, you would not be able to access them. Therefore, the second step requires you turning on the filters in case they’re turned off. Go to Settings within the Snapchat app and scroll down to Additional Services. Tap Manage and then toggle Filters to turn them on if they recurrently turned off.

Step 3: Use Location-Specific Filters

Once you’ve turned on filters, Snapchat allows you to use location-specific filters on your snaps no matter whichever place you go. Snapchat will detect from your location that you’re present at the event and will allow you to use those filters. This is all that is required to get noticed among the crowd. Moreover, you can also try using geographic overlays, the time and temperature to add more context to your snaps. Instead of taking a snap, you may also try recording a video as it makes people more interested especially if you or any other person is conversing with the audience in that video. The important key is to make your story as engaging and interesting as possible.

Step 4: Send Your Snap for Approval

After you’re done curating the perfect snap, you need to send it to the Live Story for attaining Snapchat’s approval. To do this, click the blue arrow button present at the bottom of the app screen after your snap is ready. Instead of choosing ‘My Story’ or one of your friends, you will select ‘Our Story.’ Once ‘Our Story’ is selected, a new modifier, for instance ‘New York Story’ will appear so you can know that there are multiple live stories in your area. With a hope that your snap makes it to the Live Story, hit the send arrow.

You would instantly know when your story gets picked up by Snapchat because there will a sudden inflow of views on your snap. We advise you to keep a check on the Snapchat’s Live Stories to see if they have featured your snap. Good luck!


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