How To Play Games on Facebook Messenger with New Gaming Feature!

Facebook Messenger just got better and way more fun! Being an ardent user of Facebook and also a gaming fan, what else could be more surprising for you to find out that now Facebook allows you to play your favorite games with your friends on Facebook Messenger?

Yes, you’ve heard it right. No witticisms. Now you can play games on Facebook Messenger app!

Facebook has recently launched a full-fledged gaming feature called Instant Games to its popular chat service app, Facebook Messenger.

Facebook never stops experimenting new features, and with the addition of this gaming feature, the firm has once again won hearts.

More than 15 classic games such as Pac-Man, Words with Friends – Frenzy, Space Invaders, etc., have been added to the gaming feature, with more games expected to arrive soon.

If you fancy playing games with your friends or family members on Facebook Messenger, then this is the best opportunity for you! This feature allows you to play games between conversations and also within groups. Moreover, the games can be played on web browser as well.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to find out how you can play games with your friends in the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile phone or tablet:

1.      Update The App:

Before you start playing a game, make sure your Facebook Messenger app has been updated on your mobile phone or tablet.

2.      Start A Conversation

Open Facebook Messenger app, and initiate a conversation with your friend on Facebook Messenger by clicking on their name or pressing the ‘+’ icon. Once conversation window is opened, tap on the game controller icon, appearing above the place where you enter your text message.

3.      Select Game

Select the game you want to play. You will have more than 15 game titles to choose from. Pac-Man, Words with Friends – Frenzy, Space Invaders, etc. are some of the titles added to the gaming feature.

Challenge your friends at a number of games and beat them with remarkable scores on Facebook Messenger with this new feature. The gaming feature is simple enough to understand and easy to operate! Play games on Facebook Messenger as much as you want! Happy Playing!

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