PSVR gaming device by sony

PlayStation VR Likely to Give Virtual Reality Industry a Real Boost

There isn’t much competition when it comes to virtual reality headsets. When talking about quality offerings, then there’s just Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Rift and Vive only catering to high-end PC users. Therefore, both these gadgets are limited to a small niche, which is the main reason why none of them have been able to make such a huge impact on the VR market. People tried them out in their first week, but none of these gadgets met the expectations.

However, that might all change when PlayStation VR (PSVR) launches this October. It possesses everything that people want from a VR headset and it has the potential to become the go-to VR machine for most people. Are you wondering what will make PSVR standout from the rest and how will it be able to make more of an impact than other VR headsets? That is exactly what has been revealed below.

New and Better Games

It’s the supporting software or applications that make platforms successful, and at the moment, there’s nothing mind-blowing available on PC or mobile VR headsets. That’s because there just isn’t enough user-base available on them for developers to even consider making high-budget games. However, with PSVR coming up, things might change drastically. As more people join in on the action, developers around the globe will be more tempted to make new titles for VR. There are over 40 million users on PlayStation 4 and even if half of them opt to purchase the new headset, it will end up with a huge user-base. 20 million is a huge number and no video game developer would want to miss out on the opportunity to cater to all of them. They are likely to come up with all sorts of concepts to grab the boasting rights for putting out the best gaming experience for the VR users. This hassle and their urge to be the best will help virtual reality grow, which is something VR really needs right now.

Become the Future

VR is touted as the future of gaming, but with barely any high-budget games and user-base, it doesn’t look like it even has a future. PSVR, however, might change the fate of VR though. As mentioned earlier, it has the ability to attract millions of users which will eventually bring game developers on board as well. With a decent community and some good AAA titles, VR can become a force to be reckoned with, and might become the future of gaming that it’s expected to become.


People have always wanted premium VR experience, but either the gadgets failed to impress, or they arrived with a price tag that limited them to a handful of people. Both Vive and Rift cost $800 and $600 respectively and to top it off, they require high-end PCs which can take up to $1000 to build.  This is incredibly expensive and out of range for the most people. However, Sony is looking to make PSVR affordable by pricing it at mere $400. That’s way cheaper than both the VR gadgets available right now. The best part is that PSVR comes ready to work with PS4. If you own the gaming console, all you have to do is get yourself the VR headset and you’re good to go. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Pricing and user-friendliness of PSVR is a huge advantage for Sony and it will help them establish themselves in the market quite easily. VR doesn’t have any future at the moment, but after PSVR is released, the outlook of virtual reality platforms will change altogether – and hopefully for the better.

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