Pokemon Go Battery

Pokemon Go Battery Saving Trick Doesn’t Work Anymore

Pokemon Go is an always online game which means that you have to keep your device connected to the internet at all times, and you also have to make sure that the battery doesn’t run out. This of course wasn’t an easy task but players found a Pokemon Go battery saving trick that enabled them to use their phone for more time.

They just turned their phones upside down while the game was running, which turned the screen off. It only vibrated when players were at a Pokestop or when there was a Pokemon around them. This allowed users to continue playing the game without losing any battery life.

However, the bad news is that this particular trick doesn’t work after the new update. Niantic has patched it for some reason, making matters even worse for itself. People are already annoyed by the game and asking for refunds and this change doesn’t help their case in any way.

If you are still into Pokemon Go after facing so many issues and spend a large chunk of your time on it, then it is advised that you keep a backup battery with you because the chances of you lasting the whole day are close to non-existent now.