Pokemon Go Battery

This Pokemon Go Drone Will Catch All the Pokémon for You

Pokemon GO has become phenomenon since coming into existence and almost everyone in the world is enjoying it. One thing however, that some people are finding annoying is the process of going out and looking for the Pokémon around the city.

Realizing that it has become an issue, a team of engineers based in Netherlands has started working on a drone called Pokédrone and this gadget’s only task would be to trace and find the Pokémon for you.

People who don’t own vehicles or are disabled find it very hard to play Pokemon Go. However, with the help of this drone, they will be able to enjoy the game just like everyone else.

Pokédrone sure sounds wonderful but there’s bad news – it is currently in early development and there’s no prototype available for it just yet. However, the team behind this project is pretty confident as they assure that they will do their best to bring this drone to life as early as possible, so that people with disabilities can also get their hands on the game.

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