Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Earns $35 Million, Thanks to its 30 Million Users

Sensor Tower, a firm which is known for keeping track of mobile phone apps has revealed that Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 30 million times and has managed to earn $35 million in revenue from the users. The firm managed to derive these figures from the regions where the app has officially been made available.

Sensor Tower went into some specifics as well, revealing that US iPhone users are playing Pokemon Go a lot and are spending an average of $1.6 million on it each day. They expect that this number will grow quite significantly in the upcoming weeks as more people become aware of the game.

In the end, firm predicts that this is just a start for Pokemon Go and it will actually reach its peak when it is finally made available in Japan. People in Japan are diehard fans of the franchise and have been craving for an official launch in the country since its release. There’s no official release date set for Japan just yet, but seeing how fast servers are expanding, we can expect it to arrive in the country real soon.

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