How to Post Facebook Stories on Your Business Page

Facebook Stories was launched earlier this year with much hype but unfortunately, it couldn’t receive much popularity compared to the Instagram stories. Even WhatsApp stories failed to create an impact on the users. Facebook tried its level best to launch stories on all platforms owned by itself but they only garnered appreciation on Instagram, thanks to its ever-growing user base which happens to be around 300 million.

However, that did not stop the social media giant from promoting the stories feature. In an attempt to make more people use Facebook stories, it went on to roll out a feature enabling users to share their Instagram stories on Facebook directly. This proved to be a good step taken by Facebook.

Of late, Facebook has also taken the stories to brand/business pages. In the past, people were only allowed to share their Facebook story on their personal accounts but now they can also post them on their brand/business pages.

The new feature rolled out by Facebook will prove to be useful for you if you’re already managing a page either for your personal use or to promote your brand/business. If you’re already owning a page, then you can share Facebook stories on it. However, to post a story on your page, it is mandatory to be the admin of that particular page. If you’re not the admin, then you cannot carry out this step.

Post Facebook Stories on Your Brand/Business Page

Similar to posting Facebook stories on your personal accounts, you can now also post them using your Android or iOS app. Before going ahead, make sure you have updated your Facebook app to its latest version from the respective app stores. If the app is not updated, you won’t be able to perform this step. Here are the steps to post Facebook stories on your brand/business page:

Step 1:

Head over to your Facebook app and open the timeline of the business/brand page you own.

Step 2:

facebook story 1

Below the status box where Write something… is written, you will come across ‘Your Page’s Story’ button. Simply tap that button or ‘Create Story’ which is present just below it.

Step 3:

Facebook story 2

Once you tap either button, your phone’s camera screen will open in front of you. Now you can add photos or videos and any other filters as you would do for your regular Facebook or Instagram story.

Step 4:

facebook story 3

The next step entails you to tap the arrow appearing at the bottom right of the screen and then selecting ‘Your Story’.

Step 5:

Tap the blue colored arrow at the bottom right of the screen to post your story. After doing this, your Facebook story will be added to your page and will be shown to all the people who’ve liked or followed your page.

If you wish to add multiple stories to your page, then open your page’s timeline again and this time tap ‘Add to Story’. The rest of the process is the same as explained above.

There is no limit to the number of photos or videos you can add to your Facebook story. The number of views on your story can also be seen at the bottom left of your screen. Like other stories, the Facebook stories on your page will also disappear after 24 hours unless you delete them earlier.