How to Post Multiple Photos on Your Instagram?

Remember, we did tell you some time back that Instagram would be soon launching a new feature for its users –  multiple photo sharing feature.

After successfully launching the story feature for its users, which can also be viewed on desktop, Instagram has introduced a new feature.

This feature has come out of the testing phase and is available for its users across the globe.

This new feature allows users to share multiple photos or videos is just one post. Those who missed having a photo album feature on Instagram can finally rejoice now.

Currently, this feature allows users to post 10 photos or videos at one time. The pictures or videos shared by the user appear in one single post to the user’s followers and they just need to swipe right or left to view the pictures or videos.

So, how one would go about and post multiple photos on Instagram? We’ll tell you in our step by step guide:

Update Instagram App

The first thing that needs to be done is to update your Instagram app.  This new feature is a part of the latest update from the app and is available on both Android and iOS.

Open the App

Open the app on your phone and then click on the ‘+’ button to add photos/videos. Once the gallery of your phone is opened, you will select ‘multiple photos’ icon on the bottom right corner of the photo. Then you will click on the photos/videos you want to upload in a single post.

Edit the Photos

After selecting the photos, press the ‘Next’ button to edit them. The selected photos will appear like a film strip. You can also change the position of the pictures or delete them. Apply the desired filter on the photos and then hit ‘Next’. Remember, you will not have the option of adding different filters to individual photos. Only one filter will be applied to all the photos.

Share the Photos

The last step would be to add an apt caption to your photos/videos and then press the ‘Share’ button. Your photos will appear in a single post just like a photo album.

Your followers would be able to see the pictures in a single post by swiping them right or left. They can like or comment on the entire post.  For now, Instagram is only using square photos or videos for this picture.


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