Google to let users pre-register apps on Play Store

Pre-Registration Now Available On Google Play Store

Terminator Genisys: Revolution to be the first app to utilize this new feature.

According to Android Police, Google has introduced a new feature on its digital distribution platform that will allow you to pre-register upcoming games or apps.

First app that has been chosen for this new feature is based on the highly-anticipated movie Terminator Genisys: Revolution.

Pre-registering will keep you updated about the registered app all the time. And when the app has finally been launched on Google Play Store, you will receive a notification of its release so that you can download it straight away.

Currently, there’s no official release date provided for Terminator Genisys: Revolution, but those of you interested in the app can pre-register right now.

Pre-registering feature works quite similar to pre-orders where users are able to order stuff before they are made available in the market. The diehard fans want to get their hands on their favorite games, apps, movies and TV shows right after they have been released, and pre-order makes this possible.

It is an exciting feature but sadly, it’s only available for one app at the moment. However, with time, we can expect Google to expand pre-registering to other apps as well so that all types of consumers can benefit from this convenient option.