laptop overheating

How to Prevent Your Laptop from Overheating?

With the revolution in technology, laptops and other electronic gadgets are getting powerful day by day. As they become more powerful with passing time, they tend to leave behind more heat signatures.

Nowadays, most of the newly released electronic products come with a separate component or with a cooling system to keep the heat levels normal. Even the gaming laptops now come with their liquid cooling systems.

However, the older laptops do not come with their own cooling systems. Since they have nothing to beat their heat levels, users have to look for ways to keep them from overheating.

When laptops are used for a long stretch of time, they produce excessive heat and as a result, they are prone to get damaged. Before you find out ways to keep them cooler, you need to identify whether your laptop is being overheated or not.

To find that out whether your laptop is subject to overheating or not, you need to be aware of two things: First, when you hear the laptop fan running at full speed, then that’s an indication of it being overheated. The second indication is the reduced operating speed while you’re working on the laptop. Sometimes it so happens that the CPU cuts down on the clock speeds to reduce the amount of heat generated. When such happens, it is clearly indicated that your laptop is being overheated. That’s where you need to take an action.

There can be several reasons as to why your laptops get overheated. One of the most common reasons is air blocking due to dust particles. Often dust blocks the exhaust grilles which leads to less outflow of heat. Another reason could be the clogging of the exhaust fans.

Prevent Your Laptop from Overheating

By following some helpful ways, you can prevent your laptops from overheating and keep them cool. Here are the ways which you can follow to achieve the desired result:

Clean Out Exhaust Fan

The first thing you can do to prevent your laptop from overheating is cleaning out the exhaust fan inside the laptop. Since dust particles gather around the exhaust fan and stick around it over time, it needs to be cleaned out properly on a regular basis. Before you open the lid and start cleaning the fan, make sure you have properly shut down your laptop and also removed its battery. Soak a cotton with some alcohol to clean the fan. A small vacuum cleaner can also be used for this purpose.

Stay Away from Soft Materials

Avoid keeping your laptop on materials like sofa or bed when you’re using the laptop. Since the majority of laptops have their exhaust fans underneath, soft clothing materials like bedsheet or sofa can block the exhaust grilles, trapping the heat inside.

Avoid Standby Mode

Never keep your laptop on a standby mode when its kept inside a bag. The device gets overheated when is forced to shut down due to extremely high temperature.

Use Laptop Coolers

To prevent laptops from overheating, devices like laptop coolers are also available in the market. An external stand with a pillow-like cooler or a fan is also available, taking in cold water and letting you keep your laptop on it. This way, you can continue working for hours without letting your laptop get overheated.

Get Rid of Software

By getting rid of unnecessary software taking up excessive space on your laptop, we can also prevent it from overheating.