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Prisma for Android Finally Released

Prisma for Android was made available to a few people last week, but as of today, it has been officially launched on the platform and can be accessed through Google Play Store for free.

When this app first got released on iOS, no one gave it a chance. Everyone thought that it would get buried alongside hundreds of other picture editing apps. However, Prisma managed to stand on its own by providing editing features that weren’t available elsewhere.

Other editing tools enable users to add different effects on their picture but these effects don’t change the picture in any way. However, when you edit your picture through Prisma, you get an entirely new look. It gives an artistic feel to the picture which is not something that any other app can accomplish.

Seeing how good it was, Android users started craving for the app to come on their platform as well, and now their wait is finally over. Prisma for Android is finally out and it works equally well on the new platform.


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