prisma Android

Prisma Android Version is Slow and Buggy

Prisma Android version was finally made available this past weekend, but the launch hasn’t gone as smoothly as we would have liked. Upon using the app, we found it to be pretty slow and there were some bugs here and there that ruined our experience.

It’s understandable that the app is new to the platform, so it may take some time to iron out the issues. However, it had been in beta for quite some time and it was expected that the developers would take care of the issues right there and then. That hasn’t happened unfortunately, but now that people are voicing their concerns, developers will surely do something about it.

Prisma Android version certainly has its problems, but there’s no denying the awesome editing tools it contains. If you can get past its slowness and a few bugs, then you’ll have one of the best picture editing tools created to date.