some promises to keep in the new year

Some Promises You Should Definitely Keep in 2017!

Since 2017 will be bringing new technological trends and many new tech inventions into the market, it is high time that we also form new year resolutions and make some promises to stay happy, healthy, and safe online. Here are some of the promises to keep in the new year!

Encrypt Your Data

Begin your new year with encrypting all the data you have stored in your electronic devices. Encrypted data cannot be accessed by the hackers – of course, they have to do a lot of strenuous work to decode your data. Keep your accounts protected with 2FA (two-factor) authentication. Make sure you have set different passwords for different accounts.

Make Social Media Less Time-Consuming

Unless you’re a famous celebrity or a big global brand, there is no such benefit of using social media to a great deal. Excess usage of social media can make you less active and grumpier. This year, change your social media habit by making it less time-consuming. Try not to rely only on social media for socializing with your friends. Meet them in person and enjoy the real time.

Spend Less Time with Your Phone

We know this might seem like a joke to you. We understand it is impossible for you to spend less time with your phone but seriously, why not give it a try? You would certainly not die if can just slow down checking your emails, updating Facebook status, uploading pictures on Instagram, or tweeting about the latest trends. Constant usage of mobile phone might hurt your eyes, neck, shoulders, or back and can become slightly dangerous for you. Therefore, try spending less time with your phone and give yourself some break.

Backup Your Data

New year would definitely allow hackers to come up with more wicked solutions to hack your electronic devices. You need to act smartly here. Always create a backup of your data and store it to an external drive. God forbid if a hacker tries to steal your data, you would not suffer to a great extent when you know that a backup of your data has already been created.

More Outdoor Activities

Don’t you get tired sitting in front of your computer screen? Commuting for hours in your cars or trains? This year, take a pledge to get involved in more outdoor related activities. Go outside and explore new places with your family and friends. This will not only revitalize your energy level but also bring about a positive change in your mundane routine.

Read More ‘Paperbacks’

If there’s a reader in you, then you must know how to take some time out of your busy routine to catch up on the book you’re reading. With the advent of e-readers, many people have ditched paperbacks and have started reading eBooks. However, we would definitely not recommend you to follow this practice. The feeling that you get while reading a paperback is traditional and divine in its own ways. Moreover, you would never be interrupted with a notification in the middle of a paperback. And yes, a paperback will also never run out of battery!

Do What You Love

Aspire to be a better writer? Write 500 words every day. Want to become a good runner? Run almost every other day to build stamina. Want to live freely and become a happy person? Do what you love doing the most! The secret to a happy life is doing something that actually makes you feel alive and happy. This year, do things that light up your face with a smile. Think about yourself. Give yourself some more time. It’s perfectly okay to be selfish sometimes. Set your priorities. Remember, the sky has no limits and nothing in the universe can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Eat Healthy and Exercise Daily

Constant usage of mobile phones, internet, and social media has turned you into a lazy person. And if you continue binge eating and consume lots of junk food and all sorts of unhealthy food without any proper workout, you’d do nothing but gain excessive weight. Therefore, we highly recommend you to eat healthy food and do lots of exercises to burn your calories.