Protecting Yourself When Playing on Mobile Casinos

With the rapid developments in smartphone technology and wireless internet speeds, people can now carry out nearly all tasks from the comfort of the mobile device.  Whereas people used to have to sit down at a computer to carry out various tasks, they can now do it at ease from wherever they are.  One of the problems that comes with this trend is that people are accessing unsecured networks more and more often.  Whereas it used to be the case that people carried out most online tasks in the security of their home network, people now access mobile internet pages from 3G and public Wi-Fi networks.  This obviously opens up the possibility of your information being intercepted.  This becomes an issue when dealing with personal and confidential information when not in a secure environment, such as transferring funds.

This could be an issue for mobile gamblers, who might want to deposit or withdraw funds when on the go. It is essential to take the necessary precautions to prevent anything data interception from happening. Besides stealing personal information, scammers also try to pass malware onto your device, with the intention of extracting further information.  There are a number of precautions that can be taken to minimise the risk of these issues, check them out below.

The most obvious piece of advice which can be offered is to only make these transactions, involving the exchange of confidential information, in a safe, known and protected network.  By doing this, you are instantly making it a much harder task to steal any information for your device.

Installing an anti-malware application can also significantly reduce your risk to data theft.  There are plenty of anti-malware apps about, many of which are free.  It’s recommended that you check out AVG, Lookout and Avast.

Another way you can safeguard your information exchange is to do it using the safer e-wallet options, which you will find available at most online gambling sites.  By transferring in this way, the e-wallet, such as PayPal, Ukash and Neteller, acts as a buffer in the transaction process.  This means that if the information does get compromised, then there is a higher possibility that only an email address will be stolen.  You can find information about the pros and cons of various e-wallets on

You can safeguard yourself further by only dealing with the more reputable companies within an industry.  For example, some bingo sites are known to have more advanced data security processes than others.  If you decided to just stick with these bingo providers, then it is likely that their standard encryption processes will eradicate any possibility of data interception.  The website – has information on the best mobile bingo sites and which ones have the best security rating.

A problem can arise when downloading unsafe apps onto your device.  Even if they are unrelated to the casino app, they can still cause problems.  To prevent this, ensure that all apps you download are from trusted sources.

Malware and data interception are issues but only if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Carry out the aforementioned precautions when carrying out any tasks involving sensitive information and you will be significantly reducing your risk.

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