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PS4 Neo Reveal Coming on Sept. 7th

Sony has revealed that it will be holding an event on September 7, where it will finally lift the curtains off PlayStation 4.5 aka Neo.

People have been craving for some news on the upgrade for quite some time now, but Sony kept a lid on it, saying that we will do it “Apple Style” which means that they will announce and release their console in the period of a few weeks.

So, if the announcement is set to be made on Sept. 7, then it is safe to assume that PlayStation 4.5 aka Neo will hit the shelves within the next 30 days.

This is quite an exciting time especially for the people with 4K TVs. As of now, there’s no console capable of running the games at ultra HD resolution, but this upgrade will finally make that happen.

Let’s hope that Sony doesn’t screw it up and give us a console that we have been craving for since the beginning of this generation.

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