Differences between PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio

PS4 Neo vs. Xbox Scorpio: What are the Similarities and Differences

Both Sony and Microsoft have announced mid-generation upgrades for their respective gaming consoles and they both sound pretty enticing. Microsoft is calling it Xbox Scorpio while Sony has named it PS4 Neo. The tech giants came up with mediocre products back in 2013 that lacked the ability play the games even in full HD. So, the upgrade was very much needed, but the problem is, not everyone can afford both machines. So, which one to go for? This question can only be answered by knowing the similarities and differences between PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio, which we have gone in detail about below.

Support for 4K

Both PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio have been brought to life to run games at 4K resolution. 4K TVs and monitors have started to become mainstream and when the regular versions of the console didn’t include the support for it, a lot of people were left disappointed, and some of them even migrated to PC. To stop that from happening in the future, both Sony and Microsoft are introducing mid-generation upgrades as they feel that it will bring back the lost community and it will also stop the migration to PC.

VR Ready

Apart from running games at 4K, both machines will come ready to support the VR that both companies are working on. Sony is working on PSVR headset, whereas Microsoft is creating Hololens. Both of these projects have huge potential but to perform at their full potential, they need upgraded machinery and that will be made possible by PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio.


No official announcement has been made regarding the specs but according to rumors, Xbox Scorpio will boast 8-core processor that will run on an unknown clock speed. On the other hand, PS4 Neo will run at 8-core, 2.1GHz processor. THE GPU hasn’t been specified for either system but it will most likely be created by AMD. According to rumors, Xbox Scorpio will come with 6 TFLOPs of GPU with 320 GB/s memory bandwidth, while PS4 Neo will boast 4.14 TFLOPs with 218GB/s memory bandwidth. As you can see, force is pretty strong with Xbox Scorpio, which brings us to our next point.

Will They have Exclusives?

Sony has declared that PS4 Neo will run alongside regular PS4 and it will not have any exclusives of its own. If you own regular PS4 or PS4.5, you can run all the games without any problem. That’s great news for the people that don’t want to upgrade.

On other hand, Microsoft has been pretty quiet on the subject and they are coming up with way stronger machine than PS4 Neo. From the looks of it, Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio might not run side by side because of huge difference in specifications. So Xbox Scorpio might not be a mid-generation upgrade for Microsoft as it might be a start of a new generation altogether that receives its own exclusives and games. So before purchasing regular Xbox One, do wait for Microsoft to announce what they plan to do with it once Xbox Scorpio comes out because you don’t want your money to go to waste.


Image Courtesy: craveonline.com