qustodio parental control review

Qustodio: An Expert in Protecting Kids Online

Qustodio is among the most well-known parental control software, offering parents a nice and easy way to keep their kids safe on the internet. It comes loaded with quite a fair variety of features, but do these features really deliver the sort of protection that parents crave? Let’s find out.

Monitor Browsing History

Qustodio keeps you informed about the websites visited by kids. You must check the browsing history to make sure teens are not visiting any adult website. If your kid is spending too much time on gaming or social media websites, then you may block them. Most importantly, it will tell you what he is up to as search results and browsing history tells a lot about the user. What makes Qustodio a great parental control software is that it allows you to create multiple account to monitor more than one kid. You can do customized settings for each kid depending on their age, level of use and other related things.

Monitor Social Media Activities

Qustodio lets you know what your kid did on Facebook or any other social media platform, who his friends are, what he talked about during a conversation with any friends etc. It will keep you informed about his online interactions with other people.

Block Applications

You can monitor the applications used by your kid by using the Control App feature of Qustodio. In addition, you can also block the unwanted or inappropriate applications, including system apps.

Block Inappropriate Websites

You can use safe search feature of this software to keep websites with adult content from appearing in the search results. You may also block any specific website deemed harmful. It blocks all the pages of inappropriate website instead of just blocking the home page. It also blocks new websites, if they contain harmful content.


If your kid uses smartphone too often and you are somewhat suspicious about it, then you may try the log SMS feature of Qustodio. This feature, as the name implies, enables you to monitor the SMS sent and received on the device. You can take timely action if he shares inappropriate text messages with anyone in his contact list. Unfortunately, it does not offer MMS logging option.

Has a User-Friendly Interface

With Qustodio, you need not worry about anything as it shows results in the form of easy-to-understand graphs, charts and reports, thus showing data in the form of patterns to give you a clear idea about what your kid does online. Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to use even if you have no to little technical know-how.

Manage Device Usage Time

Kids often spend way too much time on the internet and digital gadgets. Obviously, you cannot sit with them all the time to monitor what they’re doing and if they are giving priority to things like studies and sleep, but you surely can limit their device usage time. Now, there is no need to worry about kids wasting time online as Qustodio allows you to limit the device use. Just use the access controls option to set time and day limits for using the device. Its lock navigation feature allows you to block all online activities, but kid can still use the device to perform offline activities.

Track Location

With street crimes and school bullying at peak, parents are always worried if their kids are safe out there or not. Now you can get to know where your kid is anytime you want as Qustodio keeps track of kid location 24/7. In addition, you can help your kid in case of emergency as its panic button allows the kid to send an emergency alert to parents to let them know that he/she needs help.

Supported Platforms

Qustodio support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, making sure that kids remain safe online no matter which platform they are on. You can install this software on all the devices which are in personal use of kids.


Overall, Qustodio is a good option for parents who want to keep an eye on the online behavior of kids. It is available free for download, but you will have to pay a certain amount of fee to get its Premium version and consequently additional features. The product is definitely worth an investment.

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