Rainbow Six Siege has Over 20 Million Registered Players

When Rainbow Six Siege was first launched back in December, 2015, no one really gave it a chance and everyone thought that the game will soon vanish from the scene like other modern day games. However, that didn’t happen thanks to Ubisoft’s continuous support and free content.

The game is always improving one facet or another, which makes players stick around. According to the developers, the game is being played by more than 2.3 million people every single day and that’s a huge number. Especially if you take into consideration the abysmal launch and how the game was sent out to die.

Another major reason people have stuck around for so long is the regular change in meta. Ubisoft releases two new operators every three months and both of them come with their unique abilities. Their abilities shake up how the game plays, which keeps the experience fresh for the players.

However, despite its staggering success, game still has its fair share of issues, but developers have mentioned on multiple occasions that they are well aware of them, and are working day in and day out to make sure that user’s experience can stay as smooth as possible.

Developers also assured that they want Rainbow Six Siege to run for at least five years. This means that you can jump in right now and you will still be able enjoy the game for at least next three years. To top it all off, Ubisoft has discounted the game by 50%, so that people who want to jump in can do so, just before the next season begins.