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Ransomware Makes Its First Appearance on Apple Mac OS X

Last week, a large number of Apple users became victims of KeRanger, one of the first functional ransomware that has successfully attacked Macintosh computers. According to the sources, the malware entered into the Apple OS X operating system through the latest version of Transmission that was released on the same day. Transmission is a popular BitTorrent client frequently used for transferring data.

According to Ryan Olson, who works as a Threat Intelligence Director at Palo Alto, KeRanger is programmed to stay dormant for three days following the attack, after which it connects to the attacker’s server for completing the data encryption process.

KeRanger then claims a ransom of roughly 1 bitcoin which is equal to $400 to remove the encryption.

An Apple representative said that the company has already taken steps to stop the malware from attacking more Mac users.


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