How to recover deleted/formatted data from Memory Cards and Hard Disk Drives

Memory Cards and Hard Drives are two most common ways of storing and carrying digital data today. Both MC and HDD reflect a journey we have travelled in last few years. Both allows us to store , view, edit/modify our images, official documents, songs, videos and all sort of multimedia formats. Both are very reliable source of storing data but at the same time both of them are vulnerable to various data loss threats. For normal user, data once lost is lost forever but it is not true. You can recover data (lost in memory cards or hard disk drives) to some extent easily. Here in this tutorial, we are going to brief some step by step instructions about how to perform card recovery free operation. This can be possible with help of dedicated EaseUs software.


But at first let me brief the idea behind working of the software. This software just recalls the particular memory cell (from where data is lost) by setting the Flag unit ON (electronics concept) and there are 95% chances of getting your data back if you use it in first 1-2 days of losing the data (provided you haven’t placed anything in that disk after that data loss incident).

Now we are moving towards the main tutorial. This tutorial is applicable for both memory cards as well as hard disk drives. Simply follow these steps and start recovering all your lost data now. It is an advanced software that is suitable with all kinds of memory cards like Memory Stick, MiniSD card, Micro SD card, SDHC, Micro Drive etc In a nutshell you can use it with all types of memory cards and hard drives.

How to recover lost data from Hard Disks and Memory Cards

Follow this procedure:

  1. Download hard drive repair software to your computer.
  2. Open and install it.
  3. Now you will get three options, “Deleted File Recovery” “Complete Recovery” “Partition Recovery”
  4. Select first option if you want to recover particular files. Select second option if you storage unit is formatted completely. Third potion is for recovering the data lost in partitioning of disks.
  5. Once you select the appropriate potion, this software will start an automatic scan that will take some time (depending upon the data space on that particular disk).
  6. After finishing the scanning, it will list all the deleted/formatted files on that particular disk.
  7. Now select the files (according to file names), you want to recover and hit “Recover” option.

So EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free and reliable data recovery software that can recover files from all sorts of memory cards and hard disk drives.