Redecorate Any Room in Minutes Without Spending a Lot

All too often homeowners look around and realize that the room they once loved and adored — the room they spent hours decorating — is no longer interesting or appealing. You just don’t love it anymore. It’s not you.

Your tastes have changed and you want to make a change that reflects that. Before you spend entirely too much money transforming your space into something more stylish or chic, consider how small changes can make a huge impact.

Add color

If you’re like the majority of homeowners, the furniture you so carefully purchased for your home is fairly neutral. This is good. When you have neutral furniture, you can make big changes to your space with minimal expense and time.

Add color to your room by placing throw pillows in a decorative design, bold pattern, or amazing hues. You can also add color by repainting the wall. These are two simple changes that make a big impact.

Change your lighting

One way to change the overall look of any space is to change the lighting. Buy a new ceiling-fan-and-light combination. Replace your old fixture with a new one. Chandeliers are hot right now. Exchange your harsh overhead lighting for the soft lighting of decorative table lamps.

Add a rug

If you don’t have a rug in your home, consider purchasing one now. An accent rug can change the overall look of any space. It’s not too expensive and it’s easy to lay down. Try rearranging your existing furniture as another way of changing up the look of a room.

Alter your wall decor

Wall decor can be an intricate and intimate aspect of any room in your home. By switching in something exciting for your old, boring, tired pieces, you can transform the look of the entire space.

One way to do this is with letter perspectives. This individualized artwork is designed to provide a unique way of getting your message across. Each print is a letter from the alphabet, captured by a talented photographer and framed in a lovely frame.

What makes these letters different is the fact that they’re captured from nature. A photographer may have managed to capture a lightning strike that looks just like the letter Z or S. Each letter is completely different and derived from the world around us. It’s a modern take on letter art. You can create your own sayings, your name, or anything you like; it’s your house, after all.

You needn’t purchase a new home or all-new furniture to change the look of any room in your house. What you need is just a little time and a few new accent pieces to completely change the overall look of any room.