Pokémon Go safety tips

How to Remain Safe While Playing Pokémon Go

Since its launch, Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon. People around the globe are so addicted to this game that they have stopped paying attention to everything around them. There have been incidents where shots were fired at certain individuals for invading private property and they didn’t even realize it. On another occasion, two friends got so indulged in their quest to find Pikachu that they fell off the cliff. Another incident involved an individual getting so involved in the game, that they stopped their car in the middle of the road, and blocked the traffic.

There’s no questioning the fact that Pokémon Go is an extremely addictive game, but to lose yourself while playing it is absolutely unacceptable. It can cause you and the people around a lot of trouble. If you are amongst the people that have become incredibly addicted to Pokémon Go, then you should keep following contours in mind as they will help you stay safe.

Stay Alert at All Times

First thing you have to do is stay alert. Now this goes for everything. You have to be alert about the traffic, people, and everything that is happening around you. If you ignore your surroundings, you can find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. The game does want you to be on your toes at all times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop and have a look around. See what’s going on around you, get the layout of the location, see the people around you, and if you think everything’s good, continue on to play your game.

Don’t Drive While Playing

I know most of you are not going to follow this advice, but we are going to give it anyway. Pokémon Go involves you a bit too much in its artificial reality and when you are too focused on the game, it’s quite difficult to know about the traffic. When you don’t know about the traffic, you can cause or become a victim of an accident. So save yourself and everyone around you from the trouble, and don’t drive when you’re playing Pokémon Go. However, if you really can’t stop, then be sure to follow the aforementioned point of staying alert at all times.

Beware of PokeStops

Some remote PokeStops have become crime fortress as the criminals lurk around and jump on any unsuspecting gamer. So, when heading towards a Pokestop, make sure that it’s safe and is in a public place. If you see that a particular PokeStop is making you stray from the path a bit too much, then the best course of action is turn back.

Don’t Trespass

Since the launch of Pokémon Go, there have been several incidents of trespassing on private property. One particular individual even got into an army base just to find their Pokémon. Make sure that you don’t do that because as soon as you step on someone else’s property, they are free to do whatever they want with you. They can even shoot you, thinking that you are there to steal something. Pokémon Go sure is a great app, but it’s not worth risking your life over.


Image Credit: vg247.com

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