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How to Remain Secure While Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is being offered everywhere, so much so that a lot of people have made it a habit to use it. They use it when they take their morning coffee, when they go for lunch, and even when they are hanging out with their friends at public places. Internet is extremely important to us so having a Wi-Fi at every place is a huge help. However, as good as this service is, it is equally dangerous. Public Wi-Fi networks are open, which means that everyone who’s using it is at risk. Anyone can hack into the network and then they will be able to sneak in malware into any and all connected devices. If a hacker gets hold of your device, then they can see almost everything that’s on it. This includes your personal information, your contact numbers, your messages, your photos, and your videos, etc. All of this information in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. There is no use in telling you to stop using public Wi-Fi because we know that you will be using it at any chance you get. However, there are some precautions that you can take to remain secure while using public Wi-Fi.


VPNs get a lot of credit for a lot of things. However, one of their features that gets ignored is their ability to hide your actual IP address and server location. As soon as you enable a VPN on your device, your server is switched to another location, which comes with its own particular IP address. These servers are available in different locations and can be switched to at will. Some VPNs come with small number of servers and are available for free. Prime example of such VPN is FalcoVPN. It boasts a few servers but can be obtained for free. Then there are VPNs that come with a ton of servers but cost a lot as well. It all depends on your usage. If you are planning on using public Wi-Fi on daily basis, then it doesn’t harm to invest in a VPN app. However, if you are not looking to make use of a public network a lot, then a free VPN would be a great choice.

Turn File Sharing Off

Whenever you connect to a new network, you’re asked what kind of network it is. The three options you are given are Home, Work, and Public. When using public Wi-Fi, always make sure to select the option of Public Network. Selecting this option turns off all kinds of file sharing and doesn’t allow any file to enter into your device without your permission. However, if you choose Home or Work Network, then things would not go well. File sharing would be turned on by default and any one with hacking skills would be able to sneak in a malware without much of a trouble. That won’t end well for your device. This is why it is advised that you select Public Network option. If by mistake, you’ve selected Work or Home Network, then you will have to manually turn file sharing off and that can be done rather easily through Network settings. Turning off file sharing is not as reliable option as VPN, but it is still pretty good as it keeps unwanted files at bay.

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