Renewable Energy Now – New Uses for Solar Power

Solar energy is quickly becoming the preferred energy of use in today’s world. There are many uses for solar energy, and some are not very well known. In its beginning, solar power was not a super efficient way to power anything, but now, after much research, photovoltaic cells are more than 30 percent effective, making them a useful tool for modern day life. Solar power isn’t used too extensively yet, but there are many companies now streamlining solar energy.

Some companies are offering rechargable devices that are powered by the sun. These kinds of applications of solar power are quite fitting for the culture today. Being able to recharge any sort of portable electronic simply by standing in the sun is pretty useful. Some of these types of solar recharge stations are small enough to fit into a purse or pocket.

One use for harvested solar energy would be ventilation systems. For example, solar power can be used to run bathroom fans, ceiling fans and floor fans in the home. This would not only help cut down on utility bills, it would make the home more environmentally friendly.

Another good use of solar energy would be heating a swimming pool. Solar blankets are used to directly heat the water. There is no installation, the solar blanket just has to be put in the pool and allowed to collect sunlight. There are also solar heating systems made specifically for swimming pools. Heating pools isn’t the only water that solar power can heat. Solar water heaters are making a splash in the modern day market. These types of water heaters heat warm the water before it is stored in the tank. These solar water heaters decrease energy expenditure and create a more eco-friendly living space.

Also, it might seem counterintuitive, but solar power is now used extensively in lighting systems. Things like street lights use photovoltaic cells to collect solar power throughout the day, and light up at night. When it starts getting dark, a photoresister (a mechanical eye that can differentiate between light and dark) detects the waning light and turns on the batteries that have been collecting solar power all day, lighting the lamp.

Solar power is even being found in rural locations. For example, some places use solar energy to create power for emergency phone systems and the like. Typically, these types of devices have battery packs as well as solar panels so that they will be working even in the dark. Similar to the street lamps, these types of battery packs are recharged by solar energy throughout the day. Solar power has even found its way into law enforcement. For example, the cameras that are mounted on traffic lights to catch speeders rely on solar power.

A more mainstream usage of solar power is found in space. For example, most if not all of the satellites orbiting the earth utilize solar power. Scientists put solar panels on rotating robotic arms so that they can always find the sun.

As the science of solar energy gets more sophisticated, more and more uses for this energy will be found, helping the world become more ecofriendly and sustainable.

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