Majority of People Turn to Twitter, Facebook for Latest News

Research Shows 63% People Get Their News from Facebook and Twitter

It seems social networks have become major sources of news nowadays.

The Pew Research Center has revealed that Facebook and Twitter are now considered major sources of news. With user base of both platforms increasing with every passing day, news outlets are utilizing these platforms by sharing their news on them.

The research reveals that users come across these news stories on their social networking profiles, and from there they find out what’s going on in the world.

The research shows that 63% of the users get their daily news from either Facebook or Twitter. However, when comparing the two, Twitter takes the lead as 59% of users stay up to date through it, whereas Facebook caters to 41% of the users.

On Facebook, users might come across a news story and ignore it, but on Twitter, the news stories belong to the outlets that the users have been following, hence generating more interest.

No one would really be surprised by this research because the usage of both these platforms has been increasing since the last few years. Now almost every single entity has its own social network page or account, from which they keep their followers in loop of what’s happening.


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