Apple Watch to get Battery Bands soon

Reserve Strap For Apple Watch Will Grant You Additional Battery

Now you can increase your Apple Watch’s battery by 30 hours.

Most of the users of Apple Watch are not a big fan of its low battery timings. To take care of this problem, Reserve Strap stepped in as they announced that they are working on a new Apple Watch battery band to increase the battery timing. Today, they have shared some new details about the battery band, revealing that it will last users for additional 30 hours.

This new band has been named “Specialized Thermoset Elastometer Silicon band”. Reserve Strap assures that it will come with same water resistant abilities that are found on regular Apple Watch. It will be available in three different colors – white, grey and black. Reserve Strap claims that after putting this band on, Apple Watch will last users for 48 hours.

The usage of this band won’t affect your AppleCare+ warranty in any way. This means that you will be able to improve your battery timing easily with the help of this new gadget.

Reserve Strap will release this band worldwide in November and it will be priced at $249.99. The price is pretty steep, but the users who really need some extra hours on their Apple Watch wouldn’t mind it.


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