red dead 3

Rockstar Games Ready to Announce Red Dead 3

Rockstar Games has changed their theme all around – it’s all red. Not just a regular red – it is particular Red Dead 3 kind of red. They just painted their Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, and their official website completely red.

However, the problem is – no text accompanied all the redness, which has led to a lot of speculation. Now this speculation is quite narrow as people are debating whether the developers are looking to announce a new game in the series or are they planning to announce remaster of Red Dead Redemption.

We think it’s a new game in the popular franchise because all signs points toward it. Rockstar is a huge deal and they know that. They wouldn’t change everything up just to announce a remaster. They are definitely announcing Red Dead 3 and remaster might accompany it as well.

The teaser image, which you can see above has so many people riled up, but when Rockstar will lift the curtains off this mystery is still unknown. Hopefully, the official reveal happens soon so that all rumors and speculation can be put to rest.

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