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Russia Translates to Mordor in Google Automated Error

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the surname of Russian’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov was translated to “sad little horse.”

Whenever we are having trouble understanding something in different language, we refer to Google translator. However, the translator has had a bit of an issue lately where it started to translate Russian Federation into “Mordor.” Those of you unfamiliar with the term should know that Mordor is the fictional land in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books. It’s covered in darkness, and is ruled by the evil necromancer and warlord Sauron, who wants to take over the entire Middle Earth, or in layman terms, the world.

However, it was not the only problem that translator was encountering. The term “Russians” was being shown as “occupiers” and Russia’s foreign minister named Sergey Lavrov translated to “sad little horse.”

All of these translations were brought to light through different social media platforms, and people started asking questions from Google. The tech giant responded to these questions by saying that Google Translate is an automatic translator and there was no human contact involved.

“Google Translate is an automatic translator – it works without the intervention of human translators, using technology instead. This means that not all translations are perfect, and there will sometimes be mistakes or mistranslations.”

After receiving multiple complains, Google has sorted out this issue and now the translator is working completely fine.


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