Samsung might face legal trouble because of bloatware

Samsung Faces Lawsuit in China over its Pre-installed Apps

A Chinese consumer protection group has taken Samsung to the court against default apps that comes with its smartphones.

Chinese consumer protection group Shanghai Consumer Council is all set to take on Samsung in a legal battle over the issue of bloatware. The Council claims to be reacting to a large number of complaints that it has received from consumers about phone software, as these pre-installed apps take a lot of space and are difficult to get rid of.

The main purpose of this litigation is to make Samsung develop a system that can allow consumer to remove these default apps. The Council also claims that smartphone maker must warn the consumer about these bloatware at the time of buying smartphones.

It was further reported that Galaxy Note 3 contains 44 pre-installed apps that are difficult or impossible to remove. This was found out in a study done by the Council.

The Secretary Agent of the council told Shanghai Daily that legal action is the last option to protect the rights of consumers.

When Samsung was asked about this issue, it said that the company has not yet received any formal complaint filed by the Chinese Council. Samsung states that it will review legal document and then respond to the issue accordingly.

According to reliable sources, the same council also filed a legal action against a Chinese phone-maker Oppo over the same issue.


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