Samsung Galaxy Ace Smartphone : Another iPhone 4 Copy ?

Samsung has been coming up with great Smartphones for its customers these days. One such example of it is Samsung Galaxy Ace , which resembles and look a lot like the iPhone 4 by apple. The sides of  the Galaxy Ace have chrome strips running throughout. Ace is just a Mid-range android phone with  a processor speed limit of 800 MHz so we may not get enough power to play games or it may be uncomfortable. You can easy feel the device taking load if you run around 4-5 apps simultaneously. Apart from the disadvantage Ace runs fine in normal usage scenario.

Samsung-GALAXY-Ace-Plus - review , features , specifications

It has a 3.5-inch display with a TFT display having a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels which is very disappointing and taking the sheen off an otherwise competent hardware package. Even the display is not that much rich in terms of colors. The sharpness of display is also bit lacking and the bordering is also blurred at sometimes. Apart from all that even the display isn’t very appealing in sunlight due to the absence of auto-brightness feature.

The 5 Mega Pixel camera with LED flash does a pretty decent Job with high quality picture clicking. But the image quality is disappointing in  low brightness surroundings. It has a 1350 mAh battery, having a pretty decent backup life of 2 days from full charge to full discharge. Apart from these the Samsung Galaxy Ace has a MicroSD card slot which can have a MicroSD card with storage upto 32GB.

Samsung Galaxy Ace has the Android 2.2 OS installed in it as preloaded and it is expected to support android 2.3 update , as said by Samsung. The Android 2.2 OS is wrapped with the TouchWiz 3.0 User Interface. The phone has ThinkFree Office Pre-installed in it along with a word/spreadsheet editor which will be a lot helpful in reading doc files or other documents via this smartphone. The social Hub App that is also pre-installed in the phone , allows access to Twitter, Facebook and Myspace updates all at one place.

Apart from Normal connectivity like Bluetooth and Edge which we have in almost all the mobile’s these days , the Samsung Galaxy ace is equipped with WiFi Connectivity facility which is a great add-on to the phone. The price of this Wonderful phone is Around Rs 18,290 (around $345 ), which is quite high but you can’t expect much less from a Smartphone. Though this Phone looks very much similar to iPhone 4 , even the performance is also very good , but when we compare the display features of both Samsung Galaxy Ace lacks behind some points. But overall it is a Good Phone and you can try it out.

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