difference between samsung galaxy s5 and lg g3

Samsung Galaxy S5 versus LG G3: Old Dogs Face-Off

Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 often find themselves pitted against each other, compared on various levels that range from their design, software and performance to the quality of their camera and juice in battery. Despite the strong reputation of the Galaxy brand name, S5 finds itself tested by the excellence of G3, thus adding to the confusion as to which one of the two is supreme. We’ve decided to simplify the whole thing by highlighting the difference between Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3.


When it comes to design, both LG and Samsung have opted for a plastic body. It is generally assumed that plastic body is cheap, but this is not the case with these two smartphones. G3 is made of polycarbonate plastic with a brushed metal finishing. The cover is soft in touch and is scratch-resistant. S5 is also made of plastic, but it has an extremely impressive finishing. Its edges are given a metallic touch to enhance its beauty. Unlike S5, you can handle G3 with one hand without any problem despite its extra weight and large screen. S5 is water and dust resistant, a relief that is absent in G3. As for the layout, S5 is no different than its predecessors with its standard Home button which is present below the screen. G3, however, has undergone a change compared to G2 by adding rear-placed keys. Its volume and lock buttons are present below the camera, making it easier for the user to use them.


S5 and G3 initially came loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat, but they were later switched to Android Lollipop. Both the devices do really well to showcase the capabilities of Lollipop, though their respective manufacturers have tweaked the OS a little, introducing a few things that enhance the experience, while others that do their best to ruin it.


Both the LG and Samsung phone are powered by a highly efficient Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with 2.5 GHz processor. However, G3 is available in both 2GB and 3GB RAM variants, whereas S5 only comes with 2GB RAM.


There is no doubt that G3 offers a much better screen quality than S5. G3 has a 5.5-inch screen with boasting a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels in contrast to S5’s 5.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. G3 has 538ppi and S5 provides 432 ppi and this is what makes a difference. The LG phone is is clearly a winner in this area.


The efficient and effectiveness of camera is usually checked by the number of pixels it offers, but there are a lot of other things that play a key role in creating a good image and video. G3 has a 13MP camera compared to 16MP camera of S5, but the front camera of S5 is 2.0MP compared to 2.1MP of G3. Both the mobile phones offer quite a few interesting features in order to enhance the picture and video quality. S5 and G3 both have a very short auto-focus time, which allows you to take pictures back to back without waiting for the camera to get ready. S5 additionally has phase detection. This feature lets camera process the information available, and then focuses on the subject accordingly. LG on the other hand has a contrast detection option, courtesy of laser support. The laser throws an extra amount of light just to help the camera in getting detailed information about the subject in order to include even the minute detail in the images and videos. The aforementioned technologies present in S5 and G3 are normally found only in professional cameras, not mobile cameras. There is a slight drawback in S5 camera. Its phase detection does not work well under low light, but the auto-focus option helps compensate for it.


Apparently, it seems that G3 has greater battery timing mainly because it has a 3,000mAh battery compared to the 2,8000mAh battery in S5, but reality is a bit different. The larger screen on G3 requires more battery. Battery timing of mobile mainly depends on its use. The battery of both the mobiles can easily run for a day and half in case of moderate use. If you mistakenly increase the brightness of screen, take too many images or record a UHD video, then the battery of G3 will die soon, but thanks to the ultra power saving option, this would not happen so easily on S5. This saving mode immediately closes all the unnecessary and unwanted applications, and it also decreases the brightness of screen. In other words, it makes sure that the remaining battery lasts for several hours before running out.


Both the mobiles provide same storage space with built-in memory up to 16GB and 32GB. You can add up to 128GB memory by using a microSD, microSDXC and microSDHC card. This is a standard storage limit for most of the smartphones.


A mobile phone, no matter how fast and efficient it is, is useless without internet these days. That is why LG and Samsung gave an extra emphasis on connectivity options. Both of them are offering several different connectivity options for the ease of users. Both of them have Bluetooth 4.0. LG has USB 2.0 and Samsung has 3.0. Both of them also offer USB charging facility. They have NFC as well. However, S5 has an edge over G3 as it comes with LTE. They also have tethering and infrared facility. What else can you possibly want? S5 and G3 have IR blasters that allow you to convert mobile phone into a universal remote control. Of course, Wi-Fi is also present in both of them.


It is very difficult to declare either of the phones a winner as both the mobiles have state-of-the-art technology and their features are extraordinary. However, there are a few weaknesses in both the mobiles like poor image quality of S5 in dim light and poor battery timing on G3 due to larger screen size. That being said, their benefits exceed their drawbacks. If you are looking for a stylish mobile with extra applications, good battery timing, excellent camera results and several connectivity options, then feel free to go with either of the two options.