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Samsung Gear S3 (Review)

Samsung has made quite a name for itself in the smartphones market, but it has been struggling a bit when it comes to smart watch. Apple and other competitors like LG are outdoing it by quite some margin and I’m sure people at Samsung took notice. Previous iteration of Samsung Gear S3 had several issues, but they have rectified most of them with Samsung Gear S3. It connects to your device via Bluetooth, allowing you to read messages and get other alerts. Moreover, it comes equipped with multiple fitness related apps so that you can keep tabs on your body movement and exercise routine with ease. It definitely isn’t as big of a breakthrough as LG Smart Watch, but if you are adamant on getting a Samsung smart watch, then this is it.

Water Resistant

People usually wear smart watches during exercise and it generates sweat. Initially, the smart watches were not resistant to water which made them quite vulnerable. However, the brands have learned their lesson and almost every single smart watch coming out these days are water resistant. Samsung Gear S3 isn’t any different either. The built-in water resistant capability enables the users to go about their business without having to be too careful. This feature may not seem like a big deal but those of us who use it on regular basis, really appreciate its addition.

Bluetooth Support

Gear S3 also comes equipped with Bluetooth support which allows you to connect your smartphone with it. This enables you to get all the alerts without having to check your phone every few minutes. The messages even pop up on the watch, allowing you to read them with ease. For other purposes however, you will need to take out your smartphone.

Samsung Pay

Mobile payment service initiated by Samsung has taken off and is a huge help. It has made smartphone transactions a whole lot easier, which is why its popularity has increased worldwide. Samsung Pay has been integrated into Gear S3, which would be helpful for some of the users.


Samsung has also integrated GPS into this smart watch, which once again is a useful feature. GPS allows you to see track your movement with ease. No need to take out phone just to check your location as it can be done quite easily through the watch. This was a much needed addition as large number of smart watch users want to keep track of how much they have travelled and GPS is a pretty good tool for that.

Premium Apps Membership

Fortunately, users won’t just be relying on GPS to check their activities as Samsung is offering 1 year premium membership of MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo. All three of them are well renowned fitness apps and you will get to use their premium features for a year without having to pay anything. The apps aren’t integrated into the Samsung Gear S3, so you will have to manually download them, but that won’t be much of a problem.

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