Samsung paid people to attend s6 conference

Samsung Rejects Allegation of Paying People to Attend S6 Debut in China

The South Korean company was accused of filling the press conference with paid people.

Samsung faced a really awkward situation when a Chinese local news company reported that half of the people who attended the launching ceremony of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were paid 30 Yuan per hour. This amount is equal to US$ 4.80.

The news became viral, after it was translated into English by Want China Times.

According to the report, several recruiters brought people who posed as fans of the company. The report claims that half of the people who attended the event were paid fans; this amount reaches up to 500 as a total of roughly 1,000 people were present in that press conference.

Responding to the accusation, Samsung asserted that all industry officials and customers who attended the event were formally invited, and there is no chance of hiring anyone.

The South Korean Tech Giant said that it is still trying to find the source of this news.

Although Samsung has flatly rejected the allegations, yet it leaves the company in grey area as this is not the first time it is being accused of paying people for promotion purposes.

Samsung faced a similar situation in 2013 as well, when it was accused of paying the Taiwan students for posting negative comments about HTC smartphone. Samsung gave fine for this act aside from the fact that an agency took responsibility for it.