Samsung Reveals 49-Inch Wide CHG90 Monitor for Gaming

Samsung has released a variety of gaming monitors over the years, but their latest entry called CHG90 has to be the best. It’s a 49-Inch wide monitor that provides you with a wider angle during gameplay.

Most wide monitors available right now have 21:9 aspect ratio and regular monitors have 16:9. However, CHG90 leaves all of them behind with 32:9 aspect ratio. The difference is huge, and it makes the games look absolutely fantastic.

Wide screen is indeed the best part of this monitor but that’s not all, Samsung has integrated a bunch of unique features in it as well. It has quick response time, which is something that gamers really crave for, and it also comes equipped with AMD’s Freesync 2 technology. It has a 178-degree view angle and it runs at 3840x1080p resolution.

Samsung showcased the gameplay of Battlefield 1 on this monitor and it looked stunning. Not only the visuals look spectacular, but the wide angle allows you to see what is happening around you. Previously, gamers had to make use of multiple monitors to get this kind of output, but now that CHG90 has been revealed, I’m pretty sure gamers would ditch their previous setups for this one.

However, before ditching your previous monitors, do keep in mind that this monstrous monitor would cost you $1500. Now that’s a lot of money but it is about the same amount you have to pay for three monitors. So, if you are into wide angled gaming, then this investment would be well worth it.

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