Facebook Messenger Lite

How to Save Mobile Data with Facebook Messenger Lite?

Social media has become a significant part of our lives especially Facebook. Not a single day goes by when we do not make use of this most popular and widespread app. Be it sharing statuses, memes, pictures, and videos with our friends, we are always engaged in some kind of activity or other on Facebook.

Over the span of years, Facebook has kept us hooked with tons of features and in-apps. Parallel to WhatsApp, the highly popular instant messaging app, Facebook Messenger has also become a go-to app for instant communication. People use this app to communicate with their friends, colleagues and other people. Along with facilitating to exchange text messages, users can also share all sorts of media with their friends via this app.

Facebook Messenger Lite is Here!

Not a long time back, Facebook has rolled out a new, lightweight and limited version of its Facebook Messenger app – Facebook Messenger Lite – in order to keep users from saving their mobile data. In today’s age, it’s quite imperative to stay up to date with your latest messages on the Facebook messenger app and for that purpose, you need to stay online most of the time. That indicates you would be most likely to consume your mobile data and internet balance for that matter real soon.

Users can use Facebook Messenger Lite while consuming less mobile data. The social-media giant has recently rolled out this app to countries like US, UK, Ireland, and Canada whereas it was already been made operable in places like Australia, India including over 100 other developing countries.

The sad part is, this app is only available for Android at the moment and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store for absolutely free. As far as we know, Facebook has no plans to release the iOS version of this app anytime soon.

Get Hands on This App

As already discussed above, Facebook Messenger Lite app can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your Android device, you will need to open the app and then sign in with your Facebook account details. The setup process is much like the same while setting up the normal Facebook Messenger app on your device.

After the setup process is successfully completed, you will be greeted with your normal list of active chats on the app displaying your most recent conversations with your friends. However, there will be few features which you will not get to see in this version.

For instance, there won’t be any video calling feature in the Facebook Messenger Lite. Also, the chat heads feature that normally pops up over the top of other apps on your home screen won’t appear when you’re using this version.

Save Your Mobile Data

The best part of using this app is it saves up your mobile data by allowing you to send regular text-based messages, pictures, and emojis. That’s all. With this app, you won’t be able to make any video calls with your friends and also not share any other multi-media messages that will consume your mobile data rather quickly.

The main purpose behind rolling out this app is to save your mobile and internet data, offering you a budget-friendly instant messaging experience.

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