Facebook caller-id and blocking app Hello

Say “Hello” to Facebook’s Android Caller-ID and Blocking App

The social network says its Hello app will easily figure out who that mystery caller is.

Facebook has recently introduced an Android Caller-ID and blocking app under the name Hello which, in addition to offering a dial-up service, can search for people and businesses.

It also provides information about the contacts calling the user, even if their number is not saved in the user’s contact list.

This app takes data from Facebook to gather information about the caller through his Facebook account.

Hello can also block unwanted calls and its settings menu allow the user to permanently block specific numbers, so that their calls go straight to voicemail which can later be checked.

Hello is currently available for Android only and it can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play store.

When asked whether this app will be offered for iPhone or not, the Facebook spokesperson said that it all depends on how well it performs on Android devices in its testing phase.

One drawback of this app is that it won’t be able to provide any information about those callers who have not tied their mobile numbers with their Facebook account.

Users who do not wish for their information to be fetched by Hello, they must update their settings on Facebook.

For now, the app is available only in the US, Brazil, and Nigeria.


Image Courtesy: techradar.com

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