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Scheduling Text Messages on Android and iOS Phone [Guide]

There may be many instances when you’re out late with your friends and you get a call from your parents who ask you to text them right away when you get back home. At that time, you agree but what happens when you reach home? You forget to text them. What happens next is inevitable. Your parents lose their cool and give you a good rebuke. If you want to avoid such instances of being forgetful, then you must follow a simple hack to save yourself from a lot of trouble in future.

It’s quite difficult to remember to text someone later as you always tend to forget. Since not all the mobile phones come with an inbuilt scheduling text messages feature, you should give it a try to these third-party apps on your device to save yourself from the consequences.

Schedule Text Messages on Android

The following apps can help you schedule text messages on your Android phone:



As the name suggests, this app is solely meant for text messages. It’s an app that aims to change the look, overall appearance and feel of your native messaging app. Along with that, the app offers other stunning features such as allowing you to schedule your text messages. After composing a text message on your phone, simply tap the plus icon. More options will be shown to you and from them, you need to select the schedule text option. The message which you have selected for scheduling turns green.

Schedule SMS


Pretty evident from the name of the app itself, this one is solely meant for scheduling your text messages. It’s available for free on Google Play Store. The ads will be stopped appearing once you’ve sent the message. In order to schedule a text message on this app, tap the plus icon to compose a new message and then set the date and time before hitting the send button. The only downside to this app is that its user interface seems a bit old.

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

Like the other apps mentioned above in this post, this app also offers a lot of incredible features including the scheduling option. Unlike Schedule SMS app, the user interface of this app is much newer, fresh, and easy to use. Tap the drop menu icon in any of your message conversations and set the date and time before hitting the send button and that’s it. Your message will be scheduled.

Inbuilt feature

There are some mobile phones that have an inbuilt scheduling text messages features. Phones like LG and Samsung are blessed with this feature on their handsets. All you need to do is open any message conversations, click on the ‘more’ icon and then select the scheduling option.

Schedule Text Messages on iOS

For iOS mobile phones, the process is quite similar as it takes you to download third-party apps such as:



First of all, launch the app and then open the text conversation. Once you’re done composing your message, set the date and time before you send it.

Delayd App

Delayd app

Delayd App is one of the most downloaded apps. Apart from scheduling your text messages, this app lets you schedule the same text on a recurring basis. All you need to do is set the time and then select ‘daily.’ By doing this, the text will be sent to the concerned person at the same time every day until you revoke the command. This app also allows you to schedule your emails and Facebook status updates. Isn’t that way cooler?

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