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SecureTeen: A Powerful Parental Control Packed With Robust Features

With so many amazing parental control software available these days, each touting a powerful and unique arsenal, SecureTeen often gets lost in the crowd, thus failing to attract the attention it truly deserves. The brains behind this child monitoring and protection solution certainly seem to have done their homework, correctly identifying the primary concerns that most parents have over the growing prevalence and influence of internet on the young impressionable minds. Through SecureTeen, it looks like the developers are aiming to level the playing field by giving parents a decent chance against myriad threats circling the internet generation such as pornography, adult content, cyberbullying, and online predators to name a few. Well, they’ve definitely earned themselves the right to take a bow because with this software, they’ve successfully hit the bull’s eye. Let’s dive deeper into the software with this in-depth SecureTeen review.

Complete List of Features in SecureTeen

Filtering and Blocking

SecureTeen does really well in this department. Leaving nothing to chance, it lets you block access to websites and content you deem inappropriate for your kids through multiple options, namely URL, keyword, and category. The keyword and category-based filtering systems work exceptionally well as they proactively scan the search term or website URL against the specified block list to decide whether it’s safe to let it through or not. This helps in ensuring a child-friendly environment as it significantly reduces the probability of your kids stumbling upon the nasty stuff on the web.

That, however, is not all. You can even block apps that feature or can potentially lead to adult content. Of course, this, combined with the time management features, works just as well to get kids away from the screens of their smartphones, tablets and laptops, and give time to studies and physical activities instead. Unfortunately, the app blocking feature only works on the Android and Windows platform, but not iOS, which is a bit disappointing. However, the developers probably have a very good explanation for leaving this feature out in the iOS version.

Monitoring and Reporting

This is where SecureTeen really shines. Much like other parental control software, it too boasts a wide range of fancy features for monitoring digital activities across all major platforms, but what somewhat sets it apart from its counterparts is that none of these features fails to deliver. The available tech and latest innovations have been utilized with excellent effect to conceive a solution that leaves very little to be desired. Although the monitoring capabilities vary from platform to platform, they generally cover everything from cell phone communications and data to web activity and location information. It even gives you access to your kids’ actions and interactions on popular social networking platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram, thus making it easier than ever for you to ensure that they’re behaving responsibly and avoiding risks in what is typically perceived by them as a world without rules. The Friends Alert, Timeline Scan, and Photos Scan features are particularly impressive and useful in this regard.

What’s truly remarkable is the software’s ability to monitor all major messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Kik, and Skype. Once again, the team behind SecureTeen must be commended for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and widening the scope of monitoring accordingly. This is something that easily puts the software strides ahead of its competition.

The reports generated by SecureTeen are detailed, thus presenting a very clear picture of what kids have been doing on the internet and web-connected devices. These reports are generated after the data fetched from the monitored device is uploaded to an online account that only you, the parent, can access, courtesy of password protection. This sure offers a huge amount of convenience as these reports can be accessed on the go.

Installation and Management

One of the best things about SecureTeen is that it doesn’t challenge you technically. Everything from the installation process to the part where you’re actually using it to enjoy some peace of mind has been kept fairly simple. The installation process involves purchasing the app, preferably from the official website, downloading the app and launching it, following the on-screen instructions for installation and configuration, and that’s about it. In the case of iPhone, you are offered a bit of relief by being able to use the parental control software on both jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken iOS devices without having to tamper with the device’s firmware, thus keeping your Apple product warranty intact. While installing SecureTeen on an iOS device, you may be prompted to install an MDM profile. It sure can lead to a bit of panic at first, but we were assured by the SecureTeen support team that this requirement is strictly associated with the functionality of the service and is 100% secure. There hardly seemed to be a reason to doubt this claim.

The management of SecureTeen isn’t plagued by complexity of any sort either as there’s a very gentle learning curve. You won’t find yourself going around in circles for long because every screen and tab is self-explanatory. This holds true for both the software as well as the online dashboard from where you access logged data and reports. Powerful yet simple, it sure is easy to fall in love with this software.

Supported Platforms

SecureTeen currently works on Android, iOS and Windows platform. This includes everything from Android phones and tablets, Apple iPhones and iPads, and Windows PCs and laptops.


There are currently two SecureTeen packages on offer, namely Premium and Premium Plus. The former costs less, i.e. $39.99 per year, and although it provides all essential online monitoring and protection features, the more advanced features are left out. The Premium Plus package, on the other hand, offers the complete SecureTeen experience, though not ahigher price of $59.99 per year. It’s pertinent to mention here that purchasing a single license of either product allows you to monitor up to three devices irrespective of the platforms, which is great thinking on part of developers as the pricing strategy and flexible support would certainly help to woo potential customers still sitting on the fence.

It is pertinent to mention here that SecureTeen also offers a 15-day free trial of its product regardless of the platform. And the best part is that this trial period has absolutely no off-putting pre-condition like purchasing the product online first. It certainly is such a relief!

Help and Support

Every so often, digital entities decide to go geek on us and challenge our proficiency with modern-day technology, leaving many of us utterly flabbergasted. Fortunately, SecureTeen hasn’t ignored this aspect of its product and does well to offer some welcome relief in the form of a polite and knowledgeable support staff. Even if you’re tech savvy, you’d surely find yourself knocking on the door of support staff every now and then because of the helpful information and at times advice that it’s so good at offering.

Hit or Miss?

SecureTeen parental control software is definitely among the top online safety and protection products available today. It would hardly be a stretch to say that this software is very much capable of serving as a reliable digital parent for your kids in the vast and inhibited cyber space, providing them with an environment that is plagued with some of the most relentless and pervasive threats imaginable in the modern era. That being said, there still are some areas in which SecureTeen needs to improve in order to establish itself as the numero uno in the digital safety niche. All in all, it’s definitely a hit!

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